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:rose: Every kunoichi has her thorns... :rose:



To determine a winner, we need votes ^^ And it's all very simple; scroll down, choose the entry you liked best from the list provided, and then drop us a comment on this journal telling us about it. Easy.


:bulletred: NO voting for yourself.
:bulletred: You can only vote ONCE.


:iconnaruino-fc: needs more members!! If you're a NaruIno fan go check them out :love:

Also, check out our "Affiliates Corner"! Other girl groups are hosting events, too, and you don't want to miss them!! (New events added on 7/22/10.)

The "Affiliates Corner" widget can be found on our group's mainpage. It's off to the left side, right underneath "Group Info."


Many thanks to Wanequelle, our only entrant in last month's Fiction Jam...Lolz.


:rose: !!ATTENTION!! :rose:

To JOIN, please visit our mainpage and click on the button that says "Join Our Group." You should be accepted immediately ^^

To DONATE, please locate the appropriate folder(s) within our gallery and click the button that says "Submit to this Gallery." Follow the instructions from there. If you accidentally add your art/fiction to the wrong gallery, don't worry! A staff member will move it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The "Featured" folder is for group use ONLY. All of the other folders are for the members to use, but "Featured" is specifically for the founders and admins. In this folder you will find art/fiction attributed to the group itself as well as prize art/fiction.

Also, you may find a list of the Community Rules in a previous journal entry that was uploaded on the the 5th of April, 2010. (The Community Rules were last updated on April 9th, 2010 at 5:46PM, EST.)


:rose: Contest Two: Ino :rose:

:bulletpurple: THEME: Festival
:bulletpurple: FLOWER: Ino
:bulletpurple: MEME:…
:bulletpurple: DEADLINE: 31 July 2010
The deadline for each contest is the last day of its assigned month. You must get your entry in by 6:00AM (EST) the following day (the 1st) to be considered during the voting process.

1 ) You MUST utilize Ino in your entry. Any inclusion of other characters/pairings is up to you.

2 ) For Fanart... We ask that you fill out the meme with brief sketches/doodles. Color is absolutely welcome, but b/w sketches are fine, too. All we really ask is that you outline them so that they're properly visible.

If you use traditional mediums, don't fret! Simply section a piece of paper into four squares and insert your responses to the subthemes inside of them. Very easy.

3 ) For Fanfiction... You can respond to our challenge in one of two ways.  You can either piece together a story by using all of the subthemes featured in the “storyboard meme” OR simply respond to the overall theme by itself (theme listed above). Using the meme itself is unnecessary; a simple text file is fine.

4 ) Good humored parody and satire are fine, but please refrain from drawing/writing anything spiteful. Hate art/fiction is not acceptable on this group.

5 ) Go for it and BE CREATIVE!

:bulletpurple: Entries: :bulletpurple:

CE: July 2010 - Ino by NekoChanTheKitty

Contest entry - Ino by Sasukesbiggestfan



To submit an entry to this contest, please upload your work of art/fiction into the folder labeled "Contests." A staff member will review your submission as soon as possible.


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